Bertrand Zibi Abeghe

Member of the Gabonese political opposition, has been held at the central jail of Libreville since August 31st, 2016.

After eight months in holding, the Gabonese justice system told him on September 25th, 2017, that he was accused of "illegal possession of a firearm" and of "kidnapping and non-assistance to people in danger ". He has not been tried yet.

In mid-January 2018, following a search of the common cell where he was detained, a cell phone was found. Bertrand Zibi Abeghe was accused of being the owner.

During that process, he was chained, hooded and beat unconscious by ten or so men. His lawyers, who visited him on January 17th , found Bertrand Zibi Abeghe to be in a complete daze, almost incapable of walking, and showing signs of many hematomas all over his body. He told them he had not had a drink or a meal for the past three days. Bertrand Zibi Abeghe’s lawyers have applied for his supervised release several times but got rejected by the judge every single time.

According to Maître Jean-Paul Méthode Imbong Fady, defense lawyer, his client’s criminal record is empty. Bertrand Zibi Abeghe is a political prisoner, detained for having had the audacity of resigning from the party in power in person before Ali Bongo, President of the Republic, and that during the electoral campaign would lead Bongo’s re-election.

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