Naâma Asfari
MoroccoSahara occidental

Tireless sahrawi defender of human rights. He will soon begin his ninth year of imprisonment. Nine years of a 30 year sentence meant to punish him for his activism in defense of human rights and of self-determination rights of the Western Sahara region. Naâma Asfari was arrested on November 7th, 2010, one day before the dismantling of the protest camp, which had been erected a month earlier by Sahrawis residing in the occupied region of the Western Sahara, to denounce the discriminations from which they suffer at the hands of Moroccan authorities.
Tortured while in police custody, then transferred to a prison located on Moroccan territory, he was sentenced on February 16th, 2013 by the Moroccan Military Court for being part of a criminal organization and for being an accomplice in the killing of eleven Moroccan soldiers, who died the day following his arrest. 23 other Sahrawi activists were sentenced alongside him, all on the basis of confessions made under duress.

In August 2016, the Court of Cassation, under pressure by the international community, eventually dismissed the case against the accused due to lack of evidence, referring the case to the civil court in order to get a new judgement.
On July 19th 2017, after seven months of a ludicrous trial, tainted by many irregularities, the Court of Appeal of Rabat confirmed Naâma Asfari’s sentence as well as the one of most of his co-defendants.
The verdict is in. Yet, shortly before the beginning of the trial, the United Nations Committee against torture had condemned Morocco for the torture of Naâma Asfari following a complaint made by ACAT, ordering Morocco to give him justice.

In January 2018, the ACAT Foundation awarded Naâma Asfari with the Engel Dutertre prize. This prize was given to his wife, Claude Mangin, also a militant fighting for the rights of the Sahraoui people, working tirelessly to prevent the Gdeim Izik political prisoners from being forgotten.

What can you do?

You can write a support letter to Naâma Asfari and send it directly to ACAT who will forward it to his wife:

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